We believe that every child has the right to be educated and to be protected from the social evils like child labour, child trafficking. To promote education amongst these under privileged children we visit orphanages and donate books, stationary etc.

Poverty is something that has been a problem in our country since time immemorial. Hence, to lessen the burden of those poor parents who cannot afford to get their children educated we pay their school fees.

The volunteers of the organisation very well understand the importance of a child being educated under pressure free circumstances.. In order to promote sportsman spirit, team spirit and other such qualities we introduce the children to various games and buy them toys.

The way anyone has this desire of wearing nice clothes and the desire for eating delicious and various types of food, we believe that these poor kids also might have such wishlist like wearing clothes that they see other privileged kids wearing. To eat those chips they see other children eating and enjoying. We believe that all such desires of children should be fulfilled. By fulfilling such desires we can help them from committing offensive activities like robbing. It is at this tender age that children need to brought into control and taught the moral values through love and care but not through rebuke.