Let’s Make Poor Kids’ Wishes Come True

How many of us help others without expecting something in return? We humans usually have this tendency of selfish desires, but not all the time. We humans are social beings, we all wish to help the poor, but we hesitate to take the initiative and move forward to make a change. We just wait and wait and see if someone will come and wipe out this poverty and solve all the problems. Don’t wait for others; you can help someone even if you do not have a single rupee in your pocket.

Helping a hundred people is not necessary for charity. Charity is all about doing as much as you can afford to do. When you do something for somebody genuinely, then that too is charity. One doesn’t need to be rich to donate. Business tycoons are known for being too charitable. “That’s because they’re rich, they can donate as much as they wish to. What will they do with so much of money anyway? “This is the common perception of the common people towards those rich people who donate. But that’s not the truth. These rich people believed in charity before they even knew they would get rich someday. By stating such things, we are not trying to say that charity will make you rich. All that we are trying is to make clear that you don’t have to be rich to give or for that matter, you don’t have to give money to charity.

Calculations of time and money are not important in charity. The amount of enthusiasm you put in to make somebody else happy is something that is truly significant. The needy crave for your love rather than for your money. Like your own child craves for a part of your time to be his, in the same way, the orphans, the needy, the homeless crave for some emotional attachment. Taking out some quality time from the hectic schedule takes a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifices too. But then what is charity when you don’t sacrifice a part of your satisfaction to satisfy the person who needs you the most.

Charity is not just a consortium. It is not only an organization that brings together people who want to help the poor. It is that act that can make bonds, create emotions. I remember the day when my English professor explained to us what actually charity meant. “What will you gain from partying and spending money lavishly on your birthday? That is just materialistic happiness. It is the short term happiness. Once the money is over, your happiness is gone. There is no personal satisfaction”, he said. He asked us, “Do you know what will bring immense happiness and joy to you? When you give a child a small little toy to play or some of your old clothes to wear, you will be exhilarated to find those smiles that have appeared because of you. The clothes might be old for you but for them nothing matters. They’re happy to know that there are people who care for them. “At the end, he added another beautiful statement that had astounded all of us. He said, “Charity is that deed when you give and share as much as you can know the fact that you will not receive anything in the end.”

Have you heard of the Santa Claus who distributes gifts to the children on Christmas Eve to make them happy? Have you ever thought of becoming someone’s Santa?

In this country, we see children sleeping by the roads and on the footpaths. Have we ever thought how dangerous it could be? On top of that, they sleep with absolutely nothing to cover themselves. If we cannot take them home, we can at least offer them a blanket. That’s the least one can do. Now imagine if these kids wakes up in the morning with a blanket that you had covered them with, they will be astonished by your help and the reason for the smile across their face would be you.

These kids do not need money. All they need is love and attention. They desire to be someone’s priority. They do not have any fairy tale wishes. They have wishes that every normal person has. You can fulfill these wishes if you really want to.

Join us and make these kids’ wishes come true!

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