Be the Support, Be the Guide, Be the Reason for the Smile

Have you ever seen a beggar or a child going around people at bus stops, railway stations etc asking for money or food? Well you must’ve because India is a country that has the highest poverty rates and hence such scenes are too common. The question now is not if one has come across such people who are in need of some sort of help. The question is how many times has one helped the poor without hesitating even for once.

There are times when I personally have tried to ignore the people who might have badly needed my help but I deliberately ignored them. Why do they not work and earn instead of beg I reasoned my reluctance. And then the next thought that would cross my mind would be the answer to the question. We all have parents at home, teachers at school to supportĀ  us andĀ  guide us. We have certain people in our lives who are always there for us to help us. Be it academically, financially, emotionally. But what about those children on the streets who are forced into begging, tortured if they do not abide by the subduer. The answer lies in the explanation itself.

Guidance is the best charity. There are times when people get irritated and frustrated with these helpless people. They have a heart and even they hate what they do. But do they have choices like we do.Money is a far off issue. What they first need is care, love, support and nurture. WeHelpThePoor aims to provide guidance and support to those who need it the most. Our goal is to make the people who are looked down, those who are left on the streets to their fate and those who are not considered as a part of a society to stand up for themselves. The task we have taken onto our shoulders is difficult we believe but if there are numerous shoulders to take up the responsibility of helping these needy people to become independent, we are sure to have a glorious future. Sharing makes the most difficult task simple. And the easiest of things one can do to help the needy is by just sharing their luck.

Another thought that comes across is how you would be benefited by helping others. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” , they say but the action of giving or for that matter not every action’s reaction can be believed to be instant . Likewise good things take their own time to arrive at your threshold. All we need to do is not expect for benefits while sharing our luck.Sharing your luck will never go in vain because what goes around comes around.


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    Vikram says

    It’s very good brother.I will be with u in dis journey…Edward guided me to know this.
    Thanks for him too…..May god bless you all.

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